I'm running my next Instant Change Consultant Retreat in November 2024 in Sydney that will strategically show you the ways to become an independent Change Consultant - a trusted change advisor who is respected, valued, has a seat at the decision-making table, empowers leaders and teams for now and the future, gets to focus on work they are passionate about in their zone of genius with variety and growth, and has the choice and freedom to be there for the moments that matter most in business and life.

Because when you own your expertise and work on your terms with your unique gifts, that's when you can have the influence and make the impact you know is possible and unlock real value and success for your clients and your life.


Making the move to Change Consulting has allowed me to not only build a life of freedom and financial abundance on my terms, but enjoy flexibility and flow through my day, my week, my month and my year. To be there for the moments that matter most, to have impact beyond what I ever thought possible and to choose my clients, my work and my time. I believe every passionate Changie deserves that opportunity - yourself included.

The retreat will be 2 x full days, held live in-person. Because it’s going to be an interactive and intimate event, I’m going to have to limit the number of attendees. It's the perfect next step, especially if you're dreaming of working for yourself and having uncapped income potential.

The retreat will cover:

* Getting started and setting yourself up for success as a Change Consultant

* Finding clients consistently and onboarding them with confidence

* Packaging your unique gifts at premium prices you deserve

* Marketing and advertising your services authentically and joyfully

* Building your personal brand and positioning your expertise

* PLUS how to work with Boards and Execs, build strong trusting relationships, and keep healthy boundaries

** BONUS TEMPLATES ** : Experience Journey Map, Change On a Page, Statement of Work Proposal

I want to make sure I've covered everything and that this retreat is really going to give you as much as possible on your journey to Change Consulting before I officially open registrations in May.

That's where you come in… please take a few minutes to answer this quick survey to join the waiting list and be the first to know when registrations open (everyone who completes the survey will receive the Change On a Page template for free!):

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