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Becoming a trusted change advisor with influence and impact

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I’m Lata Hamilton. I've led change with some of Australia's biggest organisations on their most complex transformations. I help women carve their own paths for change in their career, leadership and life. I’m a Change Leadership and Confidence expert, the creator of the "Leading Successful Change" program, and the Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers.



Do you want to become a trusted change advisor?


And learn how to influence stakeholders to take Change Management seriously so you can help them reach success?




When you’re thinking about becoming a consultant in Change Management, or even just stepping up in your change leadership, it can be hard to know where to start.


How do you influence stakeholders to get a seat at the decision-making table?


What advanced-level tools can you use to build strong relationships and lead complex change to success?


And what actually is the difference between Change Consulting and Change Management?



In my brand-new free advanced-level Change Advisor Bootcamp, I’ll help you level up your change leadership by covering all the ways I use to strategically become a trusted advisor to my projects and clients when I’m leading change with Australia’s biggest companies. I’ll show you how to shift from delivery-focused tactical work to higher-level strategy, planning, and coaching value. And I'll step through the approaches, mindset and tools I’ve mastered to become a thought leader in Change, grow my impact, and position myself as someone whose expertise is valued and respected.


This two-hour game-changing workshop will be held live, giving you the opportunity to see a Change Consultant in action and ask questions along the way. So whether you're honing your change leadership skills or dreaming about the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself one day, attend this workshop and discover the secrets to becoming a trusted advisor to projects and clients who follow your ideas and recommendations.

Change Advisor Bootcamp:

Wednesday 22 May

6.00pm-8.00pm AEST (Sydney time)

2 hours

Held via Zoom

**The live workshop replay is now available for a super limited time to registered attendees only.**



At the end of the bootcamp, I’ll opened up an exclusive invitation to my upcoming retreat.



What you’ll get:

  • An overview of the challenges of leading change in today‚Äôs workplaces and the benefits of adopting an advisory approach to Change
  • An understanding of key consulting tools that add real value at the strategy and planning stage of¬†transformations
  • Ways to increase your leadership impact and find more growth, variety and fulfillment in your Change Management career



This Bootcamp is for Change Management professionals looking to level up their change leadership, and Change Consultants looking to grow their advisory skills for better client results.

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Here's what people are saying:

Lata is so infectious with her abundance of passion, energy, and motivation! She willingly shares her depth of change management knowledge as an expert practitioner with all. Lata's collaborative and pragmatic approach ensures her content is accessible, easy to understand, and effective to enable success. Lata inspires and produces results!

~ Lia Friso, Sydney

I joined Leading Successful Change because I’ve been curious about the people change management space for some time now. The program was outstanding! I’ve absolutely loved the interactive sessions, the friendly, sharing and jovial nature of everyone involved, and how Lata has formatted, structured and delivered the rich content, ‘drawing the curtains back’ to reveal the pragmatic aspects of change management.

~ Alison Del Socorro, Canberra

The course provided a structured journey to not only learn Change, but also the general journey a Change Manager would follow through a change. It not only gave me the skill set, but my confidence and being proactive has gone up both professionally and personally. With Lata, the course is unique, she brings in her NLP and her Coaching background, her personality and the way she engages with people other people can't replicate and the genuine care for people's experience. Just do it!"

~ Julia Acena, Sydney

In one move, I’ve gone from fixed term to day rate contract, from Change Analyst to Change Manager level, from public sector to private sector, and DOUBLED my salary. I appreciate the way Lata encourages and the way she makes it seem like: if there’s a glass ceiling, you can punch through it and go for it! I went for it – knowing I have such a strong support backing gained through her LSC program and the monthly coaching calls. From where I am now versus where I was at the start of the year, it’s like two totally different people. It’s been fantastic. Thank you Lata!

~ Carol Ranga, Sydney

I’m Dorothy Jamieson, an experienced Change Manager, Program Leader and NLP Practitioner/Coach. I did Lata’s Leading Successful Change program and it was brilliant. The course literally provides you with tools and templates to hit the ground running and as change managers, we know this is critical and expected. I would recommend this program to anyone who is working in Change or Projects or thinking about making the move to Change, as well as business leaders who want to engage and support their teams to success. If I had to do it all over again, I would do Lata's course first before doing the other industry standard change courses. Lata's course is the only one I know of that has integrated NLP principles and to me this was the icing on the cake and being a Change Manager and NLP Practitioner, it was jaw dropping. Thanks Lata for putting together this course - there’s nothing else like it on the market!

~ Dorothy Jamieson, Sydney

Lata has created some amazing workshops and content for Change Management. It’s great to see someone sharing their wealth of knowledge and helping budding Change Managers in the industry. Love and admire your work, Lata.

~ Megha Yadav, Melbourne

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