Leading Successful Change:

Participant Agreement

The Participant undertaking the following training program LEADING SUCCESSFUL CHANGE by Lata Hamilton trading as Passion Pioneers (“the PROVIDER”). 



  1. The PROVIDER will provide training services to the individual in their training program as outlined in the program materials. Other services are provided as outlined in print materials or on the website. These are complex services and the PROVIDER assumes that the PARTICIPANT is fully aware of the services and process involved when they accept this Agreement.


  1. The PROVIDER reserves all intellectual property rights in connection to the services and products provided under this Agreement, including rights to all work developed and used as part of the Agreement. The intellectual property rights may include but are not limited to copyright, trademarks – registered and unregistered, work practices, methods, designs, concepts and trade practices. Use of any PROVIDER intellectual property outside the scope of this Agreement, or after termination of the Agreement, is strictly prohibited.


  1. The PROVIDER will ensure that the required training is scheduled and will keep the PARTICIPANT informed of any change to the training schedule.


  1. If the PARTICIPANT wishes to further discuss the PROVIDER’S suggestions, it is recommended that they should discuss them with a licensed health care provider.


  1. The PROVIDER will keep all information received from PARTICIPANTS prior to, during and after the session, strictly confidential and will not disclose it to persons outside of the PROVIDER company.


  1. The PROVIDER reserves the right to decline services to a PARTICIPANT if they exhibit signs of or are being treated for mental health issues or concerns, violent behaviour and/or drug or alcohol abuse at the discretion of the PROVIDER. The PARTICIPANT may be required to seek a written clearance from a licensed health care worker or medical professional to participate in the services.




  1. The PARTICIPANT must comply with all directions given by the PROVIDER during training and sessions.
  2. The PARTICIPANT must attend the training within the timeframe arranged with the PROVIDER, otherwise the training place and fee may be forfeited, at the discretion of the PROVIDER.
  3. The PARTICIPANT should practice and participate in all the techniques that the PROVIDER demonstrates during the training and sessions.
  4. The PARTICIPANT must demonstrate respect and appropriate behaviour when interacting with other participants and trainers throughout the training course. PARTICIPANTS who engage in inappropriate behaviour during the training shall be expelled from the program. The full training cost for the PARTICIPANT may be forfeited, at the discretion of the PROVIDER.




  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law the PROVIDER gives no warranties, and shall have no liability to the PARTICIPANT in relation to:


11.1.1  Use or implementation of the PROVIDER’s training systems and products;

11.1.2  Unsuitability of the training for any specific purpose; 

11.1.3. Any other liability relating to the training or outcomes from the training;

11.1.4  The implementation of any advice, referral, system or idea that the PROVIDER may provide during, after, or as part of providing the program.


  1. Neither the PROVIDER, its employees nor contractors shall have any liability in relation to any indirect or consequential loss, relating to any of the training program provided.


  1. It is the responsibility of the PARTICIPANT to ensure that they exclude themselves from any activities which they are not physically able to perform.


  1. By the PARTICIPANT providing Personal Information as outlined above, they consent to the PROVIDER, its employees, agents and/or contractors contacting them during or after their participation in services or training for the purposes of:
  • statistical reporting and analysis in respect to the outcomes of the activity (note: no personally identifiable detailed information or opinions from the PARTICIPANT will be shared with any third party unless advised by the PARTICIPANT)
  • undertaking an evaluation of the activity
  • promoting the activity (or any other programs run by the PROVIDER which relates to training and employment services) and recording the information about the training and other services provided
  • reporting on this program (or any other program run by the PROVIDER which relates to training and employment services)


  1. The PARTICIPANT agrees to notify the PROVIDER if the Personal Information outlined above changes throughout the duration of the training registration or delivery period.


  1. The PARTICIPANT agrees to their photograph, video, audio and/or any testimonials being used by the PROVIDER for the purposes of marketing unless expressly declined in writing to the PROVIDER before the training and sessions begin.


  1. Where required by the PROVIDER, the PARTICIPANT agrees to access their participant profile maintained by the PROVIDER and its employees, agents and contractors and advise if any of the Personal Information contained in their Participant Profile is incorrect.


  1. The PARTICIPANT agrees to participate in data collection activities (including surveys, workshops, focus groups and other methods of collecting information from participants) to evaluate skills and training programs. 


Upon registration, the PARTICIPANT agrees to the terms set out above.