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The most empowering tools to lead change confidently in 2024

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I’m Lata Hamilton. I've led change with some of Australia's biggest organisations on their most complex transformations. I help women carve their own paths for change in their career, leadership and life. I’m a Change Leadership and Confidence expert, the creator of the "Leading Successful Change" program, and the Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers.



Do you want the best tools and templates to use when leading change?


And learn how to use them in an easy and simple way to get stakeholders on board?


When you’re thinking about making the career change to Change Management or even just progressing in your change leadership, all the concepts, models and jargon out there can be super confusing! 

What works and what doesn’t? 


What do Change professionals actually use in their day-to-day? 


And what are the tools that really make a difference to get stakeholders on board and employees engaged from the outset? 


In my free Change Tools Masterclass with exclusive future-focused content, I’ll help you de-mystify and declutter your Change toolkit with tried-and-tested templates that I use every time I’m leading change with Australia’s biggest companies.


We’ll be covering everything from assessing impacts, to planning change and supporting business readiness, to measuring change success.


I’ll step through each template and use live demos to fill them with the information that matters most for your change. 


Especially in these times of economic uncertainty, when layoffs, redundancies, and restructures are rife, and transferable skills are essential to stay relevant!

Over the course of the Masterclass week, you’ll receive 3 short video lessons, each with a different focus, and we’ll end with a live workshop and Q&A session.


So whether you're starting out in Change, learning about Change to lead your team better, or are a seasoned Change practitioner, attend this Masterclass and discover the tools and templates you need to make your next change a success.



Change Tools Masterclass:

Video 1: Tuesday 5 March (ready to watch now)

Video 2: Thursday 7 March (ready to watch now)

Video 3: Monday 11 March (ready to watch now)

Live workshop: Wednesday 13 March 6.00pm Sydney / 7.00am London


A live workshop replay will be available for a super limited time to registered attendees only.


At the end of the Masterclass, I’ll be opening up an exclusive invitation to join my March Group Cohort of my advanced training: “Leading Successful Change”.

What you’ll get:

  • An overview of Change Management and the benefits of managing change in a strategic way
  • An understanding of the 3 most magical templates used in Change
  • The confidence to use these tools through the project lifecycle and measure success



This Masterclass is for:

  • Aspiring Change professionals
  • Project Managers, Change Managers and Agile Coaches
  • Senior business leaders and managers
  • HR leaders and teams


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Here's what people are saying:

“All aboard” is how I started my Change Tools Masterclass with this helmswoman, Lata Hamilton.

Truly gifted with contagious energy, this deft change expert is just who I needed when I was switching careers from IT Change Management to Organisational Change Management. Her masterclass is no fluff, she ensured she imbibed serious practical knowledge in all the three punchy sessions of the masterclass, revealing her tried-and-tested tools and templates that she has used herself when leading change.

Her masterclass gave me much needed pragmatic approach to change management and ensured I was brimming with confidence to nail my recent interview. I have attended similar courses in the past, but honestly this was the most hands-on workshop I have attended on all things ‘Change’. 

To all who may be sitting on the fence to do a course in Change Management, this is surely where you need to start. Look no further.

~ Mala Kanwar, Sydney

Lata is so infectious with her abundance of passion, energy, and motivation! She willingly shares her depth of change management knowledge as an expert practitioner with all. Lata's collaborative and pragmatic approach ensures her content is accessible, easy to understand, and effective to enable success. Lata inspires and produces results!

~ Lia Friso, Sydney

As someone who almost stumbled across a career in Change, I often struggled with feeling like I didn't have an established toolkit that I could use to ensure that I was facilitating change in the best way possible. Workshops that I'd attended in the past tended to focus more on the theory of change as opposed to the practical application. What I loved about Lata's Masterclass is her focus on keeping things simple! She clearly describes how to best utilise each tool by demonstrating it with a real world example. I've since used each of her templates in my projects, and it's had a huge impact on my confidence as a Change Manager!

~ Shalini Srikanthan, Melbourne

Thank you for sharing your insights into the nitty-gritty in changing career to become a Change Manager. 

I have been quite curious about Change Management. Hearing your experience and advice including courses to study, certification to obtain, the full time and part time work, has helped me to create a clearer picture of what it is like to be a Change Manager. 

Thank you for your honesty and generosity.

~ Salina Hainzl, Sydney

Change Management session with Lata I attended recently was lead with great focus not only on day to day change management matters and most difficult challenges on the job, but also practical approach to starting in change management and what to expect from the market.

Curious and fun, insightful and precise, great at connecting the dots for the audience, workshop presented with ease and confidence, no fuss or unnecessary formality differentiating her in the crowd as a kind, enthusiastic person.
I'd love to continue learning from her and would be honoured to work with her in future.

~ Kaska Przybylska, Poland

Lata has created some amazing workshops and content for Change Management. It’s great to see someone sharing their wealth of knowledge and helping budding Change Managers in the industry. Love and admire your work, Lata.

~ Megha Yadav, Melbourne

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