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Discover the highly-paid, female-dominated, magical career that is Change Management...

Change Management is an exciting profession where you'll help people feel clear and confident about changes happening in their workplace, teams, or projects. As a Change Manager, you'll support staff through communications, training, and business readiness so that they're informed, ready, and happy to start doing things in a new way, whether that's a new technology, a new product, or a new process. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a Change Manager - wonder no more!


This is my most popular webinar EVER - designed specifically if you are thinking of making the career change to Change.


Moving to Change Management is what tripled my income to almost $200k in the space of 3 years, allowed me to make huge progress on my financial goals, and to have the flexibility and freedom to live life the way I want… such as setting up in the South of France, having a side hustle, paying off my property in record time, and living in the heart of Sydney CBD.


Presented by me, Lata Hamilton, a Change Leadership expert and experienced Change Manager who has worked with some of Australia's biggest companies, this 90-minute recorded webinar with a partnering downloadable workbook will give you the perfect introduction to your future career in Change.


 It will step you through:

  • the definition of Change Management and the skills and experience you need for a role in Change
  • the types of career paths and pay rates in a Change career
  • the advanced accreditations available in the industry.


It will set you up for success so you can hit the ground running. 


And you'll get a shareable digital credential that you can use to showcase your completion of the webinar to employers, recruiters, your network, friends and family.


The workbook includes a transferable skills mapping exercise that can really boost your confidence around how much you already know and identify key gaps to improve.


And even for the experienced practitioner, this webinar will show you where you can build new skills for a well-rounded Change expertise and the types of day rates you could be pitching for as you advance in your Change career. 


It’s all the stuff you’ll never learn about getting into the Change profession because… well, no one really teaches it! And it's all in my "Intro to Change Management" webinar.


You'll get instant access and you can watch the recording in your own time, as many times as you like! 


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Get webinar $297 AUD

"Lata is so infectious with her abundance of passion, energy, and motivation! She willingly shares her depth of change management knowledge as an expert practitioner with all. Lata's collaborative and pragmatic approach ensures her content is accessible, easy to understand, and effective to enable success. Lata inspires and produces results!"

~ Lia Friso, Melbourne Australia

About me

I’m Lata Hamilton, a pocket rocket burst of energy with a big heart… and big hair! I’m a Change Leadership expert and the Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers. I’m a seasoned Change Manager, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Executive Coach, and believe everyone deserves to experience the magic of change. If we can make it the best experience possible, we can inspire change from within and empower ourselves and our teams.

What you get in the Intro to Change Management webinar

90-minute webinar

Detailing what Change is, the key skills, career paths, pay rates and more

Digital workbook

to guide learning and journal takeaways, ideas, reflections and actions

Transferable Skills mapping exercise

to see where your strengths and gaps to change to Change

A digital credential via Credly

that can be verified by employers, displayed on your LinkedIn profile, and printed for your portfolio or office wall

Get webinar $297 AUD

Here's what people are saying

"Lata has created some amazing workshops and content for Change Management. It’s great to see someone sharing their wealth of knowledge and helping budding Change Managers in the industry. Love and admire your work, Lata."

Megha Yadav - Melbourne, Australia

"Change Management session with Lata I attended recently was led with great focus not only on day to day change management matters and most difficult challenges on the job. Curious and fun, insightful and precise, great at connecting the dots for the audience, workshop presented with ease and confidence, no fuss or unnecessary formality differentiating her in the crowd as a kind, enthusiastic person."

Kaska Przybylska - Poland

"Thank you for sharing your insights into the nitty-gritty in changing career to become a Change Manager. I have been quite curious about Change Management. Hearing your experience and advice has helped me to create a clearer picture of what it is like to be a Change Manager. Thank you for your honesty and generosity."

Salina Hainzl - Sydney, Australia

Get webinar $297 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the webinar live or recorded?

The webinar is recorded, so you can watch it whenever you like, as many times as you like.


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When's the next live cohort for the "Intro to Change Management" class?

I don't run "Intro to Change Management" as a live class because the webinar is so powerful. It has everything you need to know in an on-demand format.


CLICK HERE to get your access now



How long is the webinar?

90 minutes.


CLICK HERE to get 90 minutes of career clarity



Who leads the webinar?

Me - Lata Hamilton. I’m an experienced Change Manager, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Executive Coach and I’ve worked in a range of industries and been helping women successfully make the change to Change for YEARS!


CLICK HERE for Lata-time 



I don't know if I want to make the move to Change - should I still watch the webinar?

Yep, definitely. The webinar will help you get clear on what Change Management is and what a career in Change looks like, so you can find certainty if it's the path for you.


CLICK HERE to get certainty now



I don't know if I have the skills and experience to move to Change Management. Should I still watch the webinar?

Absolutely! That is exactly what this webinar is for and with the transferable skills mapping exercise you can measure your readiness to a career change to Change.


CLICK HERE to start understanding your skills and strengths



I'm not ready to make a career change - should I still watch the webinar?

Yes definitely. While career changes can happen overnight, most don't. You need to time to consider your action plan and get ready - but you ned to know how! That's what the webinar will help with.


CLICK HERE to watch the webinar now



Will the webinar help me write my Change CV / Resume for job hunting?

Absolutely - because it steps through all the key skills, role levels and experiences of a Change professional. You can add on the Change CV Template at checkout for an easy ready-to-fill CV blueprint.


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I'm already working in Change, so do I really need this class?

If you're working in Change but want to get a pay rise or promotion, then a few things might be stopping you - awareness of what roles and pay you could be eligible for, and confidence in your skills, experience, abilities and value. The "Intro to Change Management" webinar provides clarity around these so you can absolutely see how eligible you are to go to the next pay level or role level, and how to close any gaps you may have.


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How does the digital credential work?

When you complete the webinar, you'll be eligible to receive your digital credential. It's housed via an online platform called Credly, the largest and most-connected digital credential network. It's used by the likes of IBM, Amazon Web Services, Harvard Business Publishing, and Wharton Business School. With Credly, you can build an online profile to showcase all your credentials in one place, publish your Intro to Change Management credential to your LinkedIn profile under "Licenses & Certifications", and print your certificate off whenever you like!


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Can I show the webinar to my team?

The team that learns together, grows together! It would be awesome if each team member could register for the webinar so that they get the workbook and ongoing access to revisit the webinar.


CLICK HERE to register each team member



Can I get my work to pay for this?

Maybe - have a conversation with your leader about your development and if you get the tick of approval, charge it to a corporate card or get in touch with me for a quote and invoice.


CLICK HERE when you've got leader approval



Got a different question? Send me an email or LinkedIn message so I can help you see if the “Intro to Change Management webinar” is the right next step for you.

Get webinar $297 AUD

"I first met Lata when I joined the City of Parramatta Council, and was instantly impressed and attracted to her personality and upbeat approach. She has great expertise in Organisational Change Management and very good work ethics.

I recently attended 10th Women in Leadership in LG - Pre-Summit Workshop with the orientation on the Change Management and Leadership. Lata ran this workshop.

This was such an experience! Lata was engaging from the moment women entered the venue. The style of Lata's presentation covered every aspect of engagement - audio, visual, hands-on, etc...

The content of the workshop was very good, the principles I learned helping me in my everyday work and communications."

Helen Sattarov - Sydney, Australia

And one more exciting thing... You'll get instant access and you can watch the recording in your own time, as many times as you like!

Get webinar $297 AUD