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Your journey to change leadership transformation with Leading Successful Change

Hey lovely! I’m super passionate about Change (in fact, I love it!), and I actually never planned to teach it, but I had so many people asking me how to lead great change and make the career change to Change Management. So I’ve designed a coaching program for women that makes becoming a great and inspiring change leader simple and easy by deep diving into the practical application of Change. 


You'll learn the secrets to authentically influencing to get the support you need and create positive impact for your teams. Whether you're thinking of a career in Change, learning about Change to lead your team better, or a seasoned Change practitioner, join the Leading Successful Change program to grow your confidence and future-proof your career.



In fact, 55% of students get new job offers or promotions within 6 months of finishing the course!

Harnessing my years of expertise leading organisational change with some of Australia’s biggest companies, this program will help you discover how to successfully create a powerful emotional transformation through the end-to-end change process, getting all your stakeholders on board, your leaders supporting you, and your teams feeling ready for the future ahead. You won’t just be managing change, you’ll be inspiring it. Because when you transform the change experience for others, you transform yourself - doing meaningful work and finding abundance, joy and freedom in helping others.

Making the move to Change Management tripled my salary in the space of 3 years to almost $200,000 and led me to a life of financial abundance, flexibility and freedom. I live in a beautiful Sydney CBD apartment with a pool, gym, spa, sauna, library, and 24/7 Concierge. I was able to start paying off my property in record speed. I've worked part-time in Change, and spent months travelling overseas, while still earning a great income for the year. And I've been able to nourish my body by investing in high quality, organic and specialty produce every week. My life in Change Management has given me so much choice, allowed me to fulfil my potential, and feel proud of the life I lead. I believe everyone deserves that opportunity - yourself included.

This isn’t like other Change courses, all theory and no action.


With Leading Successful Change, you'll absolutely get a digital credential that you can splash over your CV and LinkedIn, and print to frame on your wall. But there’s no textbooks, no exams, no tests. This is about being business-ready to start on Day 1 of your change. This program is super practical and provides you with lots of flexible techniques and real-life examples, as well as industry-proven tools and templates for your toolkit, so that you can reach real mastery and feel ready to lead any change from start to finish.


Most Change Management certifications and accreditations focus on theories, models, and concepts to teach you "about" change. The problem is: you don't learn what to practically do on Day 1 of a Change role, or how to start or step up in your Change career!!! This is what I myself experienced, and many of my students who'd done Change courses previously shared similar frustrations, feeling like they wasted their time and money on certifications and accreditations that didn't offer real, practical Change Management skills to use in their role.



"Leading Successful Change is the course I wish I'd done when I started in Change Management."



In contrast, Leading Successful Change is focused on practical application and real-world tools, templates, and techniques so you can actually "do" Change delivery day-to-day with your projects, teams, and stakeholders with confidence. The Change content is amplified with the inclusion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching techniques that transform the experience of change for yourself and your teams to something magical. It’s peppered with live demos, hints and tips, and new perspectives and approaches to empower you with what really works and makes a difference. It turns your passion for people and projects into reality.


Plus you'll get all the career information, advice, and support to make the move to a career in Change and talk about your transferable skills and experience confidently. That's why my Leading Successful Change students constantly tell me: "There's nothing else like it on the market," and "It's the course I wish I'd done when I started in Change Management."



This course is for:

  • Aspiring professionals who want to make the move into Change with confidence

  • Experienced Project Managers, Change Managers, and Agile Coaches who want the extra edge
  • Senior business leaders and managers tasked with leading their teams through change

  • HR leaders and teams who want to business partner with authentic influence and impact

Using the framework of my VIBRANT Change Model, I've broken up this training into individual modules where I’ll walk you through all of the steps to achieve confidence and certainty in leading inspiring change. And it’s more than just a course and a credential, because I’m more than just a Change Manager. This is actually an end-to-end coaching program - which means you’ll get additional support and resources to hold you accountable and get that follow-through to achieve success. You're so so welcome!


 The Leading Successful Change Difference:

✨ Practical, fit-for-purpose Change Management blended with NLP and Coaching tools

✨ Lifetime access to the program and resources, with monthly coaching calls

✨ Personalised career advice and ideas to move to Change Management or step up in change leadership

Join the program $5,000 AUD

About me

I’m Lata Hamilton, a pocket rocket burst of energy with a big heart… and big hair! I’m a Change Leadership expert and the Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers. I’m a seasoned Change Manager, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Executive Coach, and believe everyone deserves to experience the magic of change. If we can make it the best experience possible, we can inspire change from within and empower ourselves and our teams.

"I joined Leading Successful Change because I’ve been curious about the people change management space for some time now. The program was outstanding! I’ve absolutely loved the interactive sessions, the friendly, sharing and jovial nature of everyone involved, and how Lata has formatted, structured and delivered the rich content, ‘drawing the curtains back’ to reveal the pragmatic aspects of change management."

Alison Del Socorro ~ Canberra, Australia

What do you get in the Leading Successful Change program?

6 x weekly online Change modules

Delivered in bite-sized videos, with guides and transcripts, and a mobile app for learning on-the-go

Monthly group coaching calls

Held live via Zoom with Q&A, live demos, and more (recordings provided)

Exclusive online community

Join passionate Changies from across the globe to connect, ask questions, and share ideas

A digital credential via Credly

that can be verified by employers, displayed on your LinkedIn profile, added to your CV, and printed for your portfolio or office wall

Join the program $5,000 AUD

"I’ve completed Lata’s Leading Successful Change course and was blown away by the content, extremely useful tips and guidance. This is the course I wished I’d have taken when I first started out in Change! Lata is an exceptional facilitator and coach; she is always willing to share her extensive experience and is generous with her knowledge and guidance. Lata’s high energy and passion are infectious, all in all, proving the perfect learning opportunity."

Nadine Drummond ~ Sydney, Australia

This is the holistic view you’ve been looking for. You’ll learn how to plan out the whole change end-to-end, how to go deeper on stakeholder engagement with facilitation and conversation, and how to create change that inspires and motivates teams to draw them into the future state by engaging hearts and minds. You’ll discover which communications, training and support activities to use when to create the best experience. And how to influence senior leaders to provide the support and resources you need so you can make the impact you know you can.


If you're thinking of making the career change to Change Management or stepping up in your Change career, this is essential. 


Did you know? 43% of hiring managers and recruiters surveyed are prioritising practical application and hands-on experience over methodology or tick-the-box change.


Having a certification or accreditation may not guarantee you a job in Change - hiring managers and recruiters today want to see that you have practical skills and flexible tools AND can talk confidently about your abilities and experiences leading change, which is what the Leading Successful Change program is all about.



Because …

  • How do you start change successfully and set your change goals?


  • How do you map and understand stakeholders - the ones who are involved as well as the ones who are impacted, the ones who are resistant, the different personalities and how to bring them onboard, what type of information different levels of the organisation are looking for to get buy in - from executives and senior leaders to the teams on the ground, and how do you know where to focus your attention?


  • What types of communications can you use in Change, how do you craft communications people actually want to read and watch (lucky for you - I actually have a Media and Communications degree and have worked in Advertising and Marketing!).


  • How do you develop training programs and build out capability - what types of trainings are there, how do you do training needs analysis, and how do you design training plans and content?


  • And… how do you measure and showcase success for follow through and embedding the change to make change stick?


I’ll show you how to do all of that in this program, and how to talk confidently about your previous experiences leading change.


The bottom line is that we're going to cover a lot of ground over the 6 weeks, and you're going to come out the other end feeling clear, confident and ready to lead inspiring and empowering change experiences that your leaders and teams will love.

Join the program $5,000 AUD

"The course provided a structured journey to not only learn Change, but also the general journey a Change Manager would follow through a change. It not only gave me the skill set, but my confidence and being proactive has gone up both professionally and personally. With Lata, the course is unique, she brings in her NLP and her Coaching background, her personality and the way she engages with people other people can't replicate and the genuine care for people's experience. Just do it!"

Julia Acena ~ Sydney, Australia

Module 1: Setting up change for success

Business benefits, vision setting, change roadmaps, change best practices

Module 2: Getting stakeholders on board

Types of stakeholders, impact assessment, stakeholder mapping, personality types

Module 3: Crafting incredible communications

Winning formats, language and design, comms planning, engagement

Module 4: Building training and capability

Training needs analysis, training plans, training content and delivery

Module 5: Measuring success and embed

Change measures, business readiness, support, handover and embed

Module 6: Inspiring through your change

End-to-end change planning, playbooks, communities, resources

But that's not enough. I want to take you beyond just knowing... and right into the action. 

 So I'm going to give you more goodies that will help you transform your change leadership to craft the most incredible business benefits and team experiences.

"I joined Lata Hamilton’s "Leading Successful Change" program in March 2022 when I was working as a Change Analyst, and set a personal vision to get a promotion before the end of the year. I applied and interviewed for 3 x Senior Change Analyst roles, but it was actually a Change Manager role that came TO ME that I ended up landing in October 2022. The interview was so conversational, I used tools from the course to get the right energy, buzz and confidence, spoke calmly, and gave answers perfectly. I got the offer in just one and half weeks from the initial interview - half the time of my previous experiences. And I actually ended up with two different offers and got to weigh up and decide which would suit me and my future best! In one move, I’ve gone from fixed term to day rate contract, from Change Analyst to Change Manager level, from public sector to private sector, and DOUBLED my salary. When I set my career vision in March, I thought I could only achieve a Senior Change Analyst position by the end of the year, but watching the videos and joining the calls of Leading Successful Change gave me that confidence to go for a Change Manager role. I appreciate the way Lata encourages and the way she makes it seem like: if there’s a glass ceiling, you can punch through it and go for it! I went for it – knowing I have such a strong support backing gained through her LSC program and the monthly coaching calls. From where I am now versus where I was at the start of the year, it’s like two totally different people. It’s been fantastic. Thank you Lata!" 

Carol Ranga - Sydney, Australia

Your over-and-above bonuses... all for free

So by now, you’re probably thinking that I’ve put together a pretty amazing offer… But I thought long and hard about how I could make this offer even better. And I came up with not one, not two… but three amazing bonuses.


BONUS #1: Instant access to my Intro to Change Management Webinar Bonus

My most popular webinar EVER - designed specifically if you are thinking of making the career change to Change. Moving to Change Management is what tripled my income in the space of 3 years to almost $200,000 (and it's surpassed that since then!), allowed me to make huge progress on my financial goals, and to have the flexibility and freedom to live life the way I want… such as setting up in the South of France and having a side hustle. You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to this 75-minute recorded webinar that steps you through the definition of Change Management and the skills you need, the types of career paths and pay rates in Change, and the advanced accreditations available. It will set you up for success so you can hit the ground running. And even for the experienced practitioner, this webinar will show you where you can build new skills for a well-rounded Change expertise and the types of day rates you should be pitching for as you advance in your Change career. It’s valued at $297 and it’s all the stuff you’ll never learn about getting into the Change profession because… well, no one really teaches it. And you’ll get this bonus for free when you join the Leading Successful Change program.



BONUS #2: Top 3 Change Templates Bonus

You’ll get my 3 top Change templates - Change Impact Assessment, Change Roadmap, and Business Readiness Check. These are the ready-to-use tools that will powerfully shape your change thinking and give you the proven structures to step through the most important aspects of your change. These downloadable and editable templates are worth $199 each, a total of $597, and they are yours to use and yours to keep when you join the Leading Successful Change course. Pretty amazing, right!


BONUS #3: A 12-week VIBRANT Change Plan Template Bonus

You’ll also get a draft 12-week Change Plan template, already populated with ideas of must-have activities to absolutely maximise your leader and employee experience with care and empowerment. A Change Manager could cost $1200+ per day to craft a Change Plan like this, and you’ll get a done-for-you plan seeded with comms, training and business readiness activities that you can use as a ready-made guide for any change.


"I’m Dorothy Jamieson, an experienced Change Manager, Program Leader and NLP Practitioner/Coach. I did Lata’s Leading Successful Change program and it was brilliant. I’ve done other Leading Change courses and certifications before, but found Lata’s course better than those other options because it provides the practical know-how and tools that you actually need to manage and deliver great change. The course literally provides you with tools and templates to hit the ground running and as change managers, we know this is critical and expected. I told her she needed to charge more for it!! And even better - with the app, you can complete the course on your mobile device when you're on-the-run, commuting, walking, exercising, or working remotely. I would recommend this program to anyone who is working in Change or Projects or thinking about making the move to Change, as well as business leaders who want to engage and support their teams to success. If I had to do it all over again, I would do Lata's course first before doing the other industry standard change courses. Lata's course is the only one I know of that has integrated NLP principles and to me this was the icing on the cake and being a Change Manager and NLP Practitioner, it was jaw dropping. Thanks Lata for putting together this course - there’s nothing else like it on the market!"


Dorothy Jamieson - Sydney, Australia

Join the program $5,000 AUD

Course investment

So… if you add up the value of JUST those three bonuses... well, you're already at $2,094.



The total investment for the Leading Successful Change program is $5,000 AUD and you get access for the life of the program.



Remember, if you want to build absolute clarity and confidence to lead change and transform the experiences of your stakeholders, your teams and yourself, then you have to start taking some different type of action. Think about how your life will be different if you commit to reaching your potential to be the best change leader you can be.


If you're ready to take action, I'm 100% confident that this program will give you a set of Change leadership tools and techniques you can use for the rest of your career - for any role, any company, any industry, any change.



One last thing that I need to mention... I'd absolutely love to have you join me.



I'm a way-shower, and I have a feeling that you might be, too. I can already sense the power and passion in you and together, we can truly change the world for the better. Other people might not get you, but lovely - I do. It's why you're here, even considering this course. Because your path is to shine bright and light the way for others.


If you’re ready to build your confidence to lead incredible change that feels like magic to your teams, then click the JOIN THE PROGRAM button below and get registered for Leading Successful Change.

Join the program $5,000 AUD

"Since doing the program, now I know Change Management is actually really simple - it's not complicated. Lata provides great examples of her experiences in bringing this stuff to life, and it's just in bite-sized chunks and not too long. I have confidence from having the little toolkit right there next to me."

Sandra Giuliani - Sydney, Australia

Oh, and one more thing, lovely.


HIDDEN BONUS #4: Bonus module on Presenting like a Pro

When leading change, there are TONS of times when you’ll need to get up and speak to groups, leaders and teams. And whether it’s in a room or online, it can be nerve-racking to have to present and put yourself in the spotlight. So when you register for the Leading Successful Change program, you’ll get another 7th additional module called “Presenting like a Pro”. It will have you showing up on Zoom or onstage with confidence with all the tips, tricks, techniques and hints I’ve drawn from my own experiences running classes, webinars, trainings, workshops, conference presentations, and courses in both my Change work and my own business. This module is worth $897, but you get it included with your 6 core modules. That’s $2,991 in free bonuses alone (more than half the investment of the course!) when you join the program today.


If you’re ready to lead change in an empowering way, join me on Leading Successful Change.


There's never been a better time to be in Change. 


It's time to step into your leadership and light.


But you have to move quickly, because our next monthly group coaching call is really, really soon.


Secure your spot ASAP.


Enrol in my Leading Successful Change program and say yes to reaching your change leadership potential with confidence.


If you’re ready to build your confidence to lead incredible change that feels like magic to your teams, then click the JOIN THE PROGRAM button below now and get registered for Leading Successful Change.



Scroll down to read the detailed Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about your Leading Successful Change program journey.

Join the program $5,000 AUD

Case studies and reviews


"Change Management session with Lata I attended recently was led with great focus not only on day to day change management matters and most difficult challenges on the job. Curious and fun, insightful and precise, great at connecting the dots for the audience, workshop presented with ease and confidence, no fuss or unnecessary formality differentiating her in the crowd as a kind, enthusiastic person."

Kaska Przybylska - Poland

"Lata has created some amazing workshops and content for Change Management. It’s great to see someone sharing their wealth of knowledge and helping budding Change Managers in the industry. Love and admire your work, Lata."

Megha Yadav - Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you for sharing your insights into the nitty-gritty in changing career to become a Change Manager. I have been quite curious about Change Management. Hearing your experience and advice has helped me to create a clearer picture of what it is like to be a Change Manager. Thank you for your honesty and generosity."

Salina Hainzl - Sydney, Australia

Join the program $5,000 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions


"I joined Lata’s Leading Successful Change program in August 2022 because I’d been working in Change Management for a few years and wanted to build that end-to-end view and confidence in my existing Change knowledge and skills. I was interested in stepping up through secondment or higher duties opportunities to lead change on projects. Instead, I ended up going straight through to a promotion within the company to start leading my own changes, moving up from a Change Management Specialist to a Change Manager title role. In 8 months, Lata helped me so much in building my confidence to have those conversations and now I’ll be leading the change in the new stream I moved into May. It’s really fantastic and I’m so excited to get to lead the direction for the Change Strategy and Plan and how we’re going to execute it."

Helaina Dournova ~ Melbourne, Australia

Join the program $5,000 AUD