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Leading Successful Change

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What People Are Saying:

I joined Lata Hamilton’s "Leading Successful Change" program in March 2022 when I was working as a Change Analyst, and set a personal vision to get a promotion before the end of the year. In one move, I’ve gone from fixed term to day rate contract, from Change Analyst to Change Manager level, from public sector to private sector, and DOUBLED my salary. When I set my career vision in March, I thought I could only achieve a Senior Change Analyst position by the end of the year, but watching the videos and joining the calls of Leading Successful Change gave me that confidence to go for a Change Manager role. I appreciate the way Lata encourages and the way she makes it seem like: if there’s a glass ceiling, you can punch through it and go for it! I went for it – knowing I have such a strong support backing gained through her LSC program and the monthly coaching calls. From where I am now versus where I was at the start of the year, it’s like two totally different people. It’s been fantastic. Thank you Lata!

Carol Ranga~Sydney

The course provided a structured journey to not only learn Change, but also the general journey a Change Manager would follow through a change. It not only gave me the skill set, but my confidence and being proactive has gone up both professionally and personally. With Lata, the course is unique, she brings in her NLP and her Coaching background, her personality and the way she engages with people other people can't replicate and the genuine care for people's experience. Just do it!

Julia Acena~Sydney

I joined Leading Successful Change because I’ve been curious about the people change management space for some time now. The program was outstanding! I’ve absolutely loved the interactive sessions, the friendly, sharing and jovial nature of everyone involved, and how Lata has formatted, structured and delivered the rich content, ‘drawing the curtains back’ to reveal the pragmatic aspects of change management.

Alison Del Socorro~ACT

I joined Lata’s Leading Successful Change program in August 2022 because I’d been working in Change Management for a few years and wanted to build that end-to-end view and confidence in my existing Change knowledge and skills. I was interested in stepping up through secondment or higher duties opportunities to lead change on projects. Instead, I ended up going straight through to a promotion within the company to start leading my own changes, moving up from a Change Management Specialist to a Change Manager title role. In 8 months, Lata helped me so much in building my confidence to have those conversations and now I’ll be leading the change in the new stream I moved into May. It’s really fantastic and I’m so excited to get to lead the direction for the Change Strategy and Plan and how we’re going to execute it.

Helaina Dournova~Melbourne

I’ve completed Lata’s Leading Successful Change course and was blown away by the content, extremely useful tips and guidance. This is the course I wished I’d have taken when I first started out in Change! Lata is an exceptional facilitator and coach; she is always willing to share her extensive experience and is generous with her knowledge and guidance. Lata’s high energy and passion are infectious, all in all, proving the perfect learning opportunity.

Nadine Drummond~Sydney

Since doing the program, now I know Change Management is actually really simple - it's not complicated. Lata provides great examples of her experiences in bringing this stuff to life, and it's just in bite-sized chunks and not too long. I have confidence from having the little toolkit right there next to me.

Sandra Giuliani~Sydney

I’m Dorothy Jamieson, an experienced Change Manager, Program Leader and NLP Practitioner/Coach. I did Lata’s Leading Successful Change program and it was brilliant. I’ve done other Leading Change courses and certifications before, but found Lata’s course better than those other options because it provides the practical know-how and tools that you actually need to manage and deliver great change. The course literally provides you with tools and templates to hit the ground running and as change managers, we know this is critical and expected. I told her she needed to charge more for it!! And even better - with the app, you can complete the course on your mobile device when you're on-the-run, commuting, walking, exercising, or working remotely. I would recommend this program to anyone who is working in Change or Projects or thinking about making the move to Change, as well as business leaders who want to engage and support their teams to success. If I had to do it all over again, I would do Lata's course first before doing the other industry standard change courses. Lata's course is the only one I know of that has integrated NLP principles and to me this was the icing on the cake and being a Change Manager and NLP Practitioner, it was jaw dropping. Thanks Lata for putting together this course - there’s nothing else like it on the market!

Dorothy Jamieson~Sydney