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Hey rockstar! It's Lata here.

I love chatting about all things change leadership and confidence to other passionate experts across the globe as a guest on their podcasts.

Check out the episodes I've been featured on below, and feel free to rate and leave a review.


Lata xx

How to Stop Being Undervalued and Underpaid in Your Career

with Elisa Martinig on The Career Changers podcast

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Defining Your Own Career Path

with Mary Sullivan on the Sweet But Fearless podcast

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Redefining Success: A Journey of Empowerment and Resilience

with Kristina Driscoll on the She's Brave podcast

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Most Important Skills in the Workplace

with Dr Elena Paweta on the Ideas+Leaders podcast

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Breaking Free from Traditional Work Structures

with Alexandra Swenson-Ridley on the Reimagined podcast

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Change is Only Just Beginning

with Charlie Hedges on The Next Chapter podcast

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Unlocking Your Potential: Marketing to Change Management

with Christa Lauri on the Bucket List Careers podcast

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Transforming Your Career

with Christy Pennison on the Inspiring Possible podcast

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Pathways to Power: Inspiring Leadership and Embracing Change

with Ritha Pierre on FREEda's World podcast

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From Being Given Up for Adoption to Living a Luxurious Life

with Tafadzwa Govere on The Ground Breakers podcast

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Leading Change: Influence over Authority

with Yolanda Canny on Girl, Take the Lead! podcast

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Change is a'Coming

with Teresa Rand on The Boss Lady podcast

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Navigating Workplace Change

with Debra Coleman on the Have a Seat...Conversations with Women in the Workplace podcast

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The Ins and Outs of Contracting

with Tiffany Grant on the Money Talk with Tiff podcast

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Coping with Change in a Fast Paced World

with Jesse Green on The Savvy Dentist podcast

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Why do Humans Resist Change and How to Make the Shift to Embrace it

with Vicki Bradley on the Women in Leadership Talk podcast

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Change Management vs Change Leadership

with Jessica Fiesta George on the Jess Get Hired podcast

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Change Leadership: Emphasising People Co-Creating the Future

with Sophie Wade on the Transforming Work podcast

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How Starting as a Contractor Helped the Transition to Full-Time Entrepreneur

with Christen N James on Side Hustle Growth podcast

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Embracing Change: Navigating the Future of Work

with Mary Ann Faremouth on The Next Career Can Do podcast

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Millennials - A Change in Values

with Charlie Hedges on The Next Chapter with Charlie Hedges podcast

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Inside Change Management

with Nicole Greer on the Build a Vibrant Culture podcast

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Leading and Managing Change with Lata Hamilton

with Brian Brogen on the Build Your Success podcast

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Switching Lanes: Embracing Change for Career Advancement

with Brad W. Minton on the Your Career GPS podcast

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Leading Successful Change for Women through Change Management

with Dr Deborah Ekstrom on the Money Loves Women podcast

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Love as a Generational 

with Jeff Ma on the Love as a Business Strategy podcast

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How You Can Start Being Seen as a Change Leader at Work

with Nichole Harrop on the Future Female Leaders podcast

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Why We Need a New Type of Leadership to Manage Corporate Change

with Jana Axline on the Corporate CPR podcast

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Creating a path of change and empowerment for women

with Mike & Kristin Berry on the Honestly Adoption podcast

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How to Lead Organizational and Personal Change

with Ivna Curi on the Speak Your Mind Unapologetically podcast

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Change Management and L&D with Lata Hamilton

with Heidi Kirby on the Building Learning and Organizational Culture (BLOC) podcast

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10+ Ways to Leverage Technology to Better Engage Your Hybrid & Remote Team

with Rebecca Allen on the Her Ambitious Career podcast

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Navigating a Blocker Manager

with Elise Stevens on the Futureproof Your Career podcast

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