My butt-kicking letter to you for 2024

confidence personality transformation Jan 07, 2024
Lata in white top smiling; text: my butt-kicking letter to your for 2024

I don’t know if this is what you need to hear right now but I think you’re awesome. You really truly are. You are so cool, and so incredible, and so amazing and I’m so proud to know you and have you in my inner circle.


Times at the moment are tough, it’s true. 

Interest rates are still rising, cost of living is still going up, jobs are still being made redundant, and projects are still on hold.


But there’s something super special about the start of the year - the momentum and the magic of not a “second chance”, but of your next chance.


Because that’s what 2024 is. 


It’s that next opportunity you have to remember that everything is happening for you (not to you, or despite you, or because of you), you can control how you react to any situation, and you always have the power to change. As Sarah Blondin says, “the universe is reordering your life to match more of what you want”. And you are a co-creator in that. You are not at the mercy of fate or destiny - you are at the helm of your life, and regardless of the storm, you can steer this ship to the port of your goals and dreams.


So no matter what happened to you in 2023, know this. 


You are amazing. 

You are powerful. 

You are brave.

You are strong. 

You are courageous. 

You are caring. 

And you are special.


There is no one in this world like you and wow are we lucky to have you.


So make this your year.

Pick yourself up.

Dust yourself off.

Take back control of your career, leadership, and life. 

Get out and meet people.

Connect to ideas and content online that make your soul sing.

Keep your eyes, ears and heart open to the opportunities bombarding you every day.

And rekindle that faith that you’ll absolutely succeed - just as you always have.


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Lata xx

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