Word of the Year for 2024

change management confidence self esteem Jan 02, 2024
Lata in floral top smiling; text: my word of the year for 2024

I was never really a “Word of the Year” type of gal but for some reason last year the word “Light” came to me and it drove me forward all year. In a manifestation group on Facebook recently someone put up a post asking for our 2024 word and something immediately popped into my mind.


Before I share my Word of the Year for 2024, it’s probably worth reflecting on 2023 (you can grab my free reflection journal here if you’d like to reflect too).


2023 was an important year for me. After the heaviness of 2022, with a partner on the brink of dying, continuing worry about COVID, and my own health problems with the pain, strain and bloating of an endometriosis diagnosis, 2023 was very different. 


I got out. 

I got about. 

I did things that really made my soul sing - like dressing up in Regency-era period costume to go to a Bridgerton-style ball, and hanging out in the Southern Highlands at a full-weekend Regency festival.


I worked with some fantastic Change consulting clients, onboarded tons of new students into my Leading Successful Change program, and ran my first ever in-person advanced Change Management retreat.


But I think the biggest highlight was the two-month trip I took to Europe. When I last went to Europe in 2019, it had been SEVEN years since I’d last been to the Continent and I remember saying to myself: “I’m going to come back every year.” I adore Europe - the landscape, cultures, food, languages, architecture, art, and people. It felt like I really needed to put my time and commitment into something that I was so passionate about. The decision was made - I’d go to Europe annually... then COVID happened. 


So it ended up being another four years until I got back to Europe and the trip has made all the difference. 


I didn’t realise how much I’d been stagnating since lockdowns. I finally got to feel a sense of real freedom and carefreeness that I hadn’t realised I’d been missing - I was able to let go, switch off, and feel my shoulders drop and my nerves calm.


It also helped that a month before flying out, I came off the contraceptive pills that were making my body heavy, tight and painful, which I’d been taking for a year to supposedly and unsuccessfully manage endometriosis symptoms. The trip, along with some ayurveda (Indian traditional science of living) principles from a mini online course I did in July, helped me really reset my life, mindset, and energy. 


In the few months since returning from Europe, I’ve been walking more, swimming more, yoga-ing more, networking more, socialising more, and just living more. I feel so energised and that’s why my Word of the Year for 2024 is “Energy”. It’s honouring the past few months and reinforcing that state I want to feel for the coming 12. 


And energy isn’t just physical. It’s the frequency at which you vibrate, the way you show up, the feeling people get from your presence, and the energetic imprint you leave on the world. Energy is coursing through every atom of our bodies, every drop in our veins, every note on our voices, and every emotion we resonate. After all, they do say emotions are just “energy in motion”!


So I’m excited and energised by having “Energy” as my Word of the Year. Shoot me a DM on LinkedIn and let me know your word for 2024 and keep an eye out tomorrow for a special New Year offer from me.


Welcome to 2024. Let’s feel that energy grow.


Lata xx

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