The worst advice you can hear about contracting

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I was having dinner once with a Project Manager at a conference who told me: “If I saw someone had changed companies in the last 2 years, I wouldn’t hire them.”


I looked at him.


And said: “If you wouldn’t hire someone who’s changed companies in the last 2 years, you wouldn’t be the kind of leader I’d want.”



  • Moving companies frequently early in my career is what tripled my salary in the space of 3 years to almost $200,000. 

  • It taught me the power of transferable skills that I can use in any role, any company, any industry, any country.

  • It helped me get exposure to different topics, concepts, products, brands, industries, ways of working, types of projects, and more.

  • It helped me be flexible and learn fast and jump in the deep end to add value quickly to my projects, teams and leaders.

  • It taught me to own my own career and treat myself like a business, keep my boundaries and earn my worth. 


Variety in your career experience is an asset, not a liability, to your professional brand. 

Especially as now companies have to constantly pivot and change to stay ahead in today’s market.


  • Variety makes you more employable, not less.  
  • It gives you more choice and power, not less.
  • And it helps you stay focused, challenged, thriving and fresh so you don’t get bored, resentful, or stuck.

I’ve ALWAYS had my contract extended or renewed.

Because I deliver high quality with high work ethic (as I'm sure you do, too).

When I worked with a company, I was all in and committed. 

And when the time was right for me to leave, I felt confident in myself and my future to do so.



It wasn’t that Project Manager’s fault.  

He spent most of his career in a time when the longer you were in a role or company, the more credibility you earned.

Things moved slower, people stayed longer, the world was not as connected, and competition was not as crazy.



Now - it’s about learning fast and getting results.  

And having had so much variety so early on in my career helped me deliver value and results quickly, especially in my many contract roles. 


Day rate contracting is one of the best things about Change Management. 

Not only is it EXTREMELY lucrative (one of my Leading Successful Change members, Carol Ranga, just DOUBLED her salary in one move by going from fixed term contract to day rate contract. I did the same thing several years ago which led me to paying off my property in record speed, moving to a luxurious inner city apartment, working flexibly taking off huge chunks of the year for personal and travel purposes, and providing an amazing sense of financial security and trust in myself for the future).

AND of course contracting also gives so much variety. 



But here’s what no one ever tells you: contracting is a mindset shift.  

And I see a lot of Change Managers get super stuck on low pay (or no promotion) simply because they don’t have the confidence in themselves, their skills, and their future to make the switch. 

Contracting isn’t for everyone and you definitely have to work out if it’s the right thing for you and your goals and lifestyle.

But don’t let confidence be the thing that holds you back.



Confidence was the main theme of my recent free webinar "Navigating Change with Clarity and Confidence" (the replay finishes tonight Tues 22 Nov 8.00pm AEDT so click here to watch it ASAP)


But it’s also the #1 thing that my Leading Successful Change members say they get from my program. 

And it comes from a blend of technical skills but also internally opening you up to self-love, self-worth and self-belief through powerful exercises and coaching built into the program.



People think high pay leads to self-love, self-worth and self-belief. 

But in reality, it’s the other way around. 

Starting with confidence can transform your life in record speed, like it did for me and is doing for my LSC members.



So if you want to pave the way for career success in 2023 (especially in Change Management and perhaps make the move to day rate contracting like me and Carol), join Leading Successful Change today.


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Lata xx

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