The Gift of Confidence: A meditation

change leadership change management confidence meditation organisational change visualisation Aug 30, 2022
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Wow, I've just wrapped up my free Change Tools Masterclass and kicked off my amazing August Group Cohort of Leading Successful Change. 


It's been an epic journey and I've been absolutely blown away by all the beautiful feedback and comments from the hundreds of participants from across the globe who joined the Masterclass.


To celebrate the wrap of the Masterclass, here's one last little gift from me: a free meditation you can use to build your confidence to lead change in just a few minutes.


You can listen to your meditation gift here (or download the free Insight Timer app to your mobile device - it's got a little golden bowl as its icon).



This powerful guided meditation is designed to infuse your mind, body, and soul with confidence to lead change for your team, project, or company. 


As a leader, your people are looking to you to support and empower them through change. 


Your own fears and self-doubt can impact your ability to step into your leadership and your light. 


This free meditation builds you with feelings of pride, readiness, and connection as a gateway to your inner confidence, creating a reservoir of power to draw on when leading change.


CLICK HERE to listen to your free Confidence to Lead Change meditation now



And perhaps follow me on Insight Timer - I'll be posting more meditations there in the coming months (my Confidence to Ask for a Pay Rise meditation can be found under my Insight Timer profile).



My August LSC students have started their 6-week journey to change confidence - I'll let you know when LSC invitation is open again.


In the meantime, enjoy your meditation gift and thank you again for an epic Change Tools Masterclass!



All my belief, 


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