Your magical guide to daydreaming your way to more wealth

change confidence leadership Jan 21, 2024
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Hey rockstar!


If you’re a millennial like me you probably want an abundant, wealthy, happy life. But if you’re also a millennial like me, that can feel like a lot of hard work and a bit of a gamble. Why can’t it be easier? Why can’t we just manifest wealth and have it show up magically?


Well, what if you could?


Your powerful neural sidekick

You see, the power of your mind is so incredible that just by thinking about wealth, you can start to attract more of it into your life. It isn’t supernatural; it’s psychological. 


Your brain comes with a powerful built-in tool: your Reticular Activating System (RAS). This neural function, simply put, filters useful information in and unnecessary information out. It’s why when you decide to buy a new car and like a specific make and model, you suddenly start seeing that car everywhere. Those same cars were always there driving around you, but now that you care about that type of car, you feel like you’re seeing it more. It feels like magic and we can totally harness your Reticular Activating System for wealth - but you need to daydream in a very specific way.


I AM SMART Visions


Everyone from top athletes, to politicians, to actors, to business leaders, use vision setting and visualisation to achieve their goals. When I teach vision setting to my Leading Successful Change students, we use a special format from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It’s called the I AM SMART format and it stands for: Inspiring & Motivating, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Risky, and Tangible. 


Because when we craft a Change Vision, it cannot just be words on a page or those really dry business case-style: “This is what we're going to achieve” and “this measure” and “this metric”. It can't be that dry because people aren't that. People are not words on a page. We are all humans, we live, we breathe, we feel, we connect, we socialise, we love colour. Just a splash of colour - anything with colour is going to light us up and make us feel great. 


So we don't want our vision to just be black and white text on a page, we want to bring in all of that emotion, movement, colour, light. Everything that we can think of, we want to build that all in so that we can vividly imagine our successful future. We’re always creating visions of the future in our mind and you can either create a vision of the future that you don't want or you can create a vision of the future that you do want, and either way our minds will start making that a reality.


Reality vs Imagination

It’s the T in the I AM SMART format that really switches our neural networks on. T stands for Tangible and is our chance to write down what we’ll see, hear and feel when we achieve our wealth vision. 


Our minds cannot tell the difference between reality and something that is vividly imagined. For example, when you go to a movie, you're watching people on a screen. If it's a sad movie, hands up if you sometimes cry? I'll put my hand up, I have been known to cry in a movie! If it's a happy movie, people on the screen are laughing because something good happened for them. Hands up if you might have laughed? Hands up if you might have smiled? Yeah! You probably have! But why are you crying or laughing? It's not happening to you. It's happening to the people on the screen. You're just the weirdo sitting in the movie theatre, living vicariously through others! 


But it is happening to you. Because your mind can't actually separate what's going on in the screen. The movie - it's surrounding you. There's music, you're in this dark room, reality doesn't exist for you anymore, only the screen, only the scene that's happening exists. So it is happening for you. You are part of that scene, your psychology is actually putting you into the main character's shoes most of the time.


Visioning Wealth

So when you write a vision for your career, your leadership or your wealth, be sure to include: 

  • What you are going to see (your new pay hitting your bank account, your employment contract signed with your dream figure, going to an ATM and seeing your total savings balance etc)
  • What you are going to hear (your boss informing you of that pay rise, the recruiter telling you you got the job, your own self-talk about how it feels to have so much abundance)
  • What you are going to feel (the security from having a savings safety net, the pride from getting that recognition and reward, the joy from buying something you’ve been longing for or going somewhere you’ve been dreaming of)


If this is the only part of the I AM SMART format that you do, do this! When you set then daydream vividly about what you will see, hear and feel with that wealth, you’ll switch on your Reticular Activating System to new opportunities, new information and new energy that you can take to make your dreams reality. It will feel like magic - and perhaps in a way, it is!


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Lata xx

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