The damage waiting is having on your health

coaching confidence pay rise promotion Feb 15, 2022
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Early in my career in Marketing, I missed out on a dream role. The role would have given me variety, challenge, growth and future opportunities. It was literally perfect. I got to the final stages of the interviews and assessments and then they chose someone else.


I wasn't what they wanted. 

I wasn't good enough. 

I didn't shine.

I didn't fit. 

I was rejected.

And yes - it sucked. My word, did it suck.



I wasn't completely hopeless though - I got handed a different role instead. The problem with this role, was that it was in an area I'd been working in for a while already and the pay was pretty much the same.

No variety. 
No challenge. 
No growth.



So not only was my salary stagnating, I felt like I was, too. I wanted to be a leader, and use the training and tools I’d been given to step up. But someone kept moving the step!!


I felt underwhelmed and undervalued. 
I felt frustrated and fed up. 
I felt underpaid and overlooked. 
I felt the choices were taken out of my hands. 
I felt powerless.
And I felt stuck. 
Really stuck.


We often think about what we're losing or missing out on in terms of financial costs.

But there are higher costs: the costs to your self-worth and the costs to your soul.


When you are feeling like this, it not only affects your job and your career. It can also start to affect your health, by lowering your energy, self-esteem, and joy. You start to contract, instead of expand. You start to stagnate instead of sing. 


I gave the new role a chance, but pretty quickly it was clear that it just wasn't going to cut it. I knew I had to go, but I wasn't ready to leave that company yet. I was scared, didn't have clarity on the path ahead, and couldn't see a bright future.


And so I waited, and the damage got worse.



In fact, it took my coach suggesting I really needed to get out of that workplace for me to finally make the decision that I'd waited long enough. Sometimes, even though we know the truth ourselves, we need to hear it from someone else before we believe it.


And the low energy I felt was, in reality, a temporary situational dip. I had a secret weapon that I'd been building up since I was a teenager. 



Confidence in myself. 
Confidence in my abilities.
Confidence in my transferable skills.
Confidence in my decision to choose my own future. 


So I applied for new roles in new areas in new companies. 

And pretty soon, I landed a new job. 
In a completely different industry.
With a $20,000 pay rise.

But that was only the beginning. 


You see, I then tripled my salary in the space of 3 years, became a thought leader, coach and speaker, and have now worked for some of Australia's biggest companies on their national and global transformations.


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And thank goodness I missed out on that "dream" role, right?



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Lata xx

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