10 ways to casually connect when working virtually

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If any of my previous employers are reading this: this is the truth. 


When I worked in the office, I spent very little time at my desk. As a Change Manager, I was either in project teams, Change Team meetings, company briefings to stay abreast of events and news that could impact my changes, and having coffee with people. 


There were mornings when I'd not sit at my computer until after lunch... and in terms of delivery, my output was never really of high volume. 


But it was of high value.


Because the truth is - the reward is in the relationships. I found out so much, built such great rapport, learned about teams, understood what was going on, and got agreements and support because of the corridor conversations and the spur-of-the-moment coffee catch ups I spent most of the day having.


My contract was always renewed so I must have been doing something right, #amiright?


Anywho... when working virtually or hybrid, these corridor conversations and opportunities to connect informally with stakeholders, leaders and team members are few and far between. They don't happen as organically so you gotta make 'em happen. 


Here's 10 fast tips to catch up casually whether you're in the office or online:

1. Leave 5-10 minutes at the start of every meeting to allow people to catch up

2. Call their mobile for a quick chat

3. Shoot an instant message

4. Book a coffee catch up... where the title is literally "Coffee Catch Up" (works both virtually AND in-person, or you could even meet at a convenient cafe between you)

5. Plan meetings to end at 12pm... it's usually a lunch break and you can linger and chitchat

6. Post a pack with a heartfelt, handwritten note

7. Comment on their LinkedIn or Insta post... connection is connection no matter where it happens. I'm not cool enough to be on TikTok so don't ask me about that...

8. Build a buddy chat into a workshop or offsite and do it as a phone call

9. Push people into smaller breakout rooms - 3 people is ideal

10. If comfortable, invite people over to your place to workshop or plan upcoming work



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