Is it worth setting goals in 2022...again?

career change coaching confidence goal setting pay rise promotion Jan 05, 2022
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Last January, I wrote a blog post questioning if it was worth setting goals in 2021. Bushfires, floods and COVID destroyed most plans for 2020, and now looking back at 2021 we didn't fare much better.


My philosophy last January had been: of course you gotta set your goals! Don't be talkin' crazy!


But this year... I'm gonna slightly shift my position. Because I've been resonating with the idea of "flow" and I think the problem that faces a lot of people at the start of January is...


We're stuffed. 



Why are we stuffed?


We're stuffed from holidays, that should be relaxing but in reality are exhausting with all the shopping, cooking, eating, packing, unpacking, socialising, family drama, cleaning, and staying up till midnight for the fireworks (I myself am tuckered out... despite doing nothing for 2 weeks!).


We're stuffed from all the rich food and booze and just generally eating more variety of foods in an hour than we normally would across an entire day ( and why does eating sometimes making you HUNGRIER?). 


And we're stuffed from the pressure. Getting everything done before the holidays then the new year expectation to start out on the right foot and proactively set yourself up for success from the get-go (can't waste a drop of 2022, can we?).



The problem with being stuffed


So what happens to a pipe when it's stuffed? When it's blocked? When it's crammed full of waste? Does the water flow?




Rather than being a blocked pipe, we need to be a river. Always full - but always flowing. Moving with the energy that comes our way, releasing the things that don't serve us, and making space for the goals we set.


In my 5-Step Formula to change careers with confidence, setting goals is actually Step 3. We hold off in the process because we need to make space to dream. We need to make space to invite a pay rise, a promotion, or a career change to come our way. We can't set goals when we're stuffed.



So how should you set goals for 2022?


I'm a coach so I am ALWAYS going to encourage goal setting. But my suggestion is to hold off setting goals for a bit. Spend the next few weeks doing Step 1 (Calculate the cost) and Step 2 (Remember your worth) instead. Take it slow, take it easy - you can afford to make space and pave the way in a relaxed, calm, sustainable way.


These first two steps of my 5-Step Career Change Formula ("Calculate the cost" and "Remember your worth") are designed to do two important things: get you motivated and get you energised. 


So that by the time you set your goals (Step 3) at the end of January / start of February, you're doing it from a place of inspiration, empowerment and openness.



Take a deep breath and smile. How good would that feel?


I share these 5 steps to change careers with confidence and earn your worth in my free "Underpaid & Overlooked Coaching Action Guide".



Click here to download my free coaching action guide with my 5-step formula



Lata xx 


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