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I'm about to wrap up May and this month's focus on "change engagement". Here's a few last Q&A from my free "Engaging Hearts and Minds" webinar that I didn't get to on the live session:


Q. I find battle-worn cynical leaders aren’t easy to engage with hearts and minds - younger and less experienced leaders are more inclined to engage. Any tips for this?

Think about what will switch on more experienced leaders. Maybe it's more to do with accolades, or leaving a legacy, or finding new approaches in work and life, rather than the challenge, growth, sense of impact and camaraderie of younger generations. There will be things that switch them on, you just need to help them unlock their motivations for themselves. Check out my blog post getting a job when you're over 50 for insights into how older generations could be setting themselves up for success (but probably aren't!), and my blog post on keeping millennials in your team to understand what younger generations may be looking for.



Q. How can I enhance my rapport techniques to create a more profound and meaningful / deep relationship that connects us for a more extended period?

I share the basics of building rapport in my free 6 Ways to Build Trust video, and we go deeper into the mechanics of building rapport on the Leading Successful Change (LSC) program. We also cover the types of meetings and activities you can use in Change to keep stakeholders engaged, and I'd recommend you check out my recent blog post on keeping stakeholders warm over a long change



Q. What are your key tips and tricks to eliminate self-doubt and focus on your goal?

First - you actually need to set a goal :) So, if you don't know how to set Personal Visions for your career, leadership and life, you probably need to learn this (and yep, I teach you how in LSC). Self-doubt is not a one-size-fits-all and you need to unpack where that self-doubt is coming from. It could be patterns, programming and beliefs from a really young age, or events and experiences from later years. It could be situational (like being out of work for a while) or external (like being bullied by your current leader... it happens). Once you identify where the self-doubt comes from, the best way to combat it is to grow your confidence and that's why I spend so much time on this in LSC. Because there's no point having an amazing career but being absolutely scared and miserable day-in, day-out. We humans were designed to shine, laugh, share and connect... and these are the very foundations of true engagement. 


A huge thank you to all the questions that came in from the webinar attendees, both ahead of time and during the session.


If you missed the webinar, unfortunately the replay access has now ended.


But you can still join the Leading Successful Change program and come along to our next Monthly Coaching Call tomorrow Wed 1 June, where we'll be brainstorming the best approaches for running workshops virtually, in-person, and everything in-between (a.k.a. hybrid), as well as answering all the questions you have about change, career, and confidence. 


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Lata xx

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