How I tripled my salary to almost $200k in just 3 years

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Lata with journal smiling, green lamp, white text on black background: How I tripled my salary to ~$200k in just 3 years

My first job out of university was an Advertising agency role and my salary was pretty dismal. 

I remember thinking I could probably earn more stacking supermarket shelves!

And while it was a great company with lots of meaning and purpose and I was so grateful to get to work on such cool projects, it felt like such a waste to have spent 4 years studying hard only to wind up at the bottom rung of the salary ladder. 


I wanted more and I wanted to earn my worth and start to live my life with more abundance and freedom (and, er, out of my parents' house!!). 


So I moved into Marketing and my first real "corporate" job. 

I got a $20k pay rise and a glimmer of climbing the corporate ladder with a pay packet to match. 

But more than 2 years later, my salary had only increased a few thousand dollars. 


The truth is, it was a decent average salary.

But I was getting great results, training and coaching newer team members, and building good relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

So surely I was worth more, right?



I felt stuck and I felt stumped.  

So I switched companies, landing another $20k pay rise.

Things were pretty good.

But then I did something that changed the course of my career, my life, and my income forever. 



I made the move to Change Management. 



In the first year, I got an extra $15k in my pay packet - which, to be fair, is probably no surprise given my track record haha.


But it was the NEXT job that was the real winner - it doubled my income.


Within 3 years, I went from earning around $60k to earning the equivalent of $180k, tripling my salary and opening up my life to massive abundance, luxury and freedom. 



So how did I do it? 


1. I harnessed all my transferable skills to move to Change Management, which had very similar responsibilities but paid more because of the nature of the work (projects).


2. I changed the way I worked - swapping from salaried roles to contracting gigs (and considered all the pros and cons to doing so). 


And 3. I learned the fundamentals of Change and then brought my own background, experience, and style to using it in my work. 




I'll be talking about all three of these hacks in more detail, and sharing more of my own journey to self-worth, on my upcoming free Change Tools Masterclass.  


We kick off on Tuesday 9 August and I'm so excited to reveal my top tips, tricks and techniques in not just leading change, but also making the move to a career in Change Management if that's something you've been pondering. 


Because if I can do it, anyone can! 


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Lata xx

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