6 myths about promotions - and why you believe them

career change coaching confidence pay rise promotion Feb 08, 2022
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We're still really fresh into 2022 and things may only just be ramping up at work after the holidays (especially here in Australia). 


So it's your time to shine, and pave the way for the year ahead.


But... if you're keen for a promotion this year, on a scale of 1-10 how likely do you think you'll be in getting that promotion?


If there's any doubt (i.e. you rated your promotion confidence less than 10), it might be because of the many myths that surround promotions.


And these myths could be unconsciously holding you back from getting the dream role you... well, dream of!



Here's 6 of those myths:



Myth #1: I have to wait 12 months before I can go for a promotion

If you've started in a new role, you may feel like you need to wait at least a year before you can safely and appropriately go for a promotion. Who says? Well, no one really. But everyone believes it. I recently polled my LinkedIn followers on how long you should wait before asking for a promotion. 53% of the respondents said 12 months... while a further 21% said at least 2 years! However, these days things are changing constantly, new roles are being created to handle new challenges, and waiting 1-2 years means you can miss out on great opportunities that spring up and might accelerate your career. So rather than put a timeframe on when you'll be eligible for a promotion, feel into when it's right for you. Sure, it can take a few months to find your feet in a role, but if you're bored, drained, or not feeling challenged at 6 months - look for the next level up.



Myth #2: I have to wait to be given a promotion, I can't ask for one

Ok, true story. I was travelling to Brisbane for a project and I whimsically joked to a colleague that I'd like to live and work in Brisbane for a while so I can try all the amazing restaurants (ah, the foodie's cross to bear). A few weeks later my Head of Change came to me and asked me if I'd be interested in going to Brisbane full-time, as they needed a Change Manager up there. I politely declined as it had actually been a joke ( ...and my belly has never forgiven me hahaha). BUT the moral of the story is ... you just never know what's going on behind closed doors. You don't know what projects are starting, or teams forming, or problems emerging that need solving. If you want more challenge, variety, or responsibility, ask for it! They'll either say "yes", "no", or "soon". All of those options are better than saying nothing, and losing out on an amazing promotion because no one knew you were interested!



Myth #3: I'll have to work harder once I get the promotion

As you become more senior, you're meant to be working smarter, not harder. You should be doing more leadership, coaching, and achieving through others, and less doing and grunt work. It's a maturing process to let more things go and trust others to do great work. If you don't know or believe this, you probably haven't had great role models of people more senior than you. And by taking the promotion you can TOTALLY change the way you work, because you'll have more authority and voice. If you still don't think it's possible in your workplace, go find a better culture (plus you'll probably get a pay rise to boot!).



Myth #4: I'll have to work longer hours once I get the promotion

Again, as you progress you should really be starting to own your own time and lifestyle. It's one of the reasons my "Leading Successful Change" program is more than just a Change Management training - it's designed to transform your whole life and give you more financial abundance, flexibility and freedom. You are more than your job. The opportunities are there, my students just don't always have the awareness or confidence to take them until they've done the inner work. No one wants to be 60 years old and working 80 hour weeks - as you progress, design your life the way YOU want. It can happen faster than you think.



Myth #5: It's ok to get a promotion without a pay rise

If you are getting a role with more responsibility, but your pay is staying the same, then you really need to think about the ethics of the situation. A promotion in title only, where the expectations on you don't actually change, is fine and can be an awesome way to progress in your career. But if you are taking on more responsibility with your promotion, you really should be getting compensated. Responsibility = risk, and the more risk that sits behind you, the more you should be paid. End of story.



Myth #6: A sideways move isn't a promotion

Controversial. When I worked in Marketing, all of the sub-teams (such as Brand, Promotions, Digital etc) were not really created equal. Some were gateway sub-teams to the more aspirational sub-teams. So a manager may take a more junior or equal-level role in a more "advanced" team and have to work their way up again. Whilst not a traditional promotion, it still does count. And if you're really strategic about it, you'll only move sideways if it's going to be really beneficial in the long run. And if you're really sassy about it, you could still get a pay rise even though it's not technically a promotion.



I'll be providing more examples and ideas for getting that promotion (with a pay rise!) in my upcoming free "Underpaid & Overlooked Confidence Workshop".


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