6 mistakes I've made when changing careers

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I’ve changed careers 5 times by the age of 35 and while I’ve generally been successful, getting a pay rise each time (including tripling my salary in 3 years to almost $200,000), working on bigger and more complex projects, and getting promotion after promotion, I’ve definitely made mistakes along the way. 


Here’s a list of 6 mistakes I’ve made.


Mistake #1: Waiting too long to change

I worked in a cafe for 6 years before I finally decided that I wanted to be paid for the skills I’d built during university and numerous summers of interning for free with small businesses. I probably could have made the move from Hospitality to Advertising a year earlier but I was lazy and chose short-term convenience over long-term potential and fulfillment. 



Mistake #2: Thinking I didn’t have the skills or experience to change careers

When I moved to Change Management, my hiring manager had to convince me I was ready to move to this incredible new career and profession. After I started working in Change, I realised I totally had the transferable skills and experience and with some practical on-the-job training, I was leading great change within a few months.



Mistake #3: Not doing my research on average pay and salaries

I was already working in Change Management for a few weeks when I got a call from a recruiter offering me a role at $750 a day. I almost fell off my chair - I had not realised how lucrative the profession was and my next role in Change I almost doubled my income. This is one of the reasons I step through the different day rates and equivalent salaries for different levels in Change in my Intro to Change Management webinar.



Mistake #4: Burning myself out

When I did a practical industry training course in Coaching and started a business on the side of my full-time job, I was really only thinking about building skills and making a bit of extra money. But working weeknights and weekends got exhausting and it was a year or two before I started working part-time (4 days per week). You need to rest and recharge!



Mistake #5: Thinking that past skills wouldn’t be used in future projects

Having come up through a Communications, Advertising and Marketing background before moving to Change Management, I use knowledge, skills and tools from these fields all the time in Change. In fact, in my Leading Successful Change program, a whole module is devoted to "Crafting Incredible Communications". Everything you’ve done in the past can be used today and in the future - nothing goes to waste.



Mistake #6: Going down the wrong career change path

For every career change I’ve successfully made, there are several others I didn’t. For example, when I worked in Banking I thought I wanted to do a special internal program to be a global banking leader. But I never did Commerce or Business at school or uni, so I stayed behind every evening to research financial terms and definitions on Investopedia. It was so boring and I wasted so much time on a path that was never going to be for me. Change to something you’ll enjoy more.

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All my belief, 

Lata xx

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