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I get a lot of Changies through my doors (after all, I am a Change Leadership expert!). And it can be hard for newbies to Change to find resources and information on how to make the move to Change Management (which probably explains why my "Intro to Change Management" class is so popular!). 



But there's another group of Changies that are often overlooked, and they can be some of the most hard-working Change Management professionals around.


Change Analysts. 



When I'm working with Change Analysts, the number one thing I'm asked is how to get to Change Manager level.  I've seen Change Analysts stuck at their junior level for 3-4 years sometimes, which is a shame because it can be demotivating and demoralising to feel like you're not progressing or being given the chance to add more value.


So if you're a Change Analyst (or you know a Change Analyst), read on and definitely share this blog article with any analysts in your circle. 




Change Analyst vs Change Manager

So what is the difference between a Change Analyst and a Change Manager, and what do you need to know to progress?


Here are some key attributes of Change Managers:

  • A Change Manager has had more time working in Change (but not always)
  • A Change Manager is more experienced in delivering great change (but not always!)
  • A Change Manager does less of the grunt work (but not always!!)


Honestly, each of these are general attributes but they aren't hard and fast rules.


Let me explain what I mean...



The way is very flexible

There's no set length of time you need to wait to progress from Change Analyst to Change Manager. Not 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, 3 years, and definitely not 4 years. In fact, I know women who made the career change to Change Management and came straight in at the Change Manager level!


So if I'm working with a student in my "Leading Successful Change" program who is super experienced or senior in their current career and wanting to move to Change, I caution them against going for Change Analyst roles, as junior roles could be detrimental to their job search and market positioning.



There's a range in quality

We assume all Change Managers deliver great change - yet I've worked with seemingly seasoned Change Managers who have struggled to lead change, get stakeholders on board, and create useful change materials. Meanwhile there have been Change Analysts who have been rockstars.


This is vast range in the quality of Change Managers is terrible! Not only do some Change Managers get performance managed or their contracts don't get renewed, they make a really bad name for our profession. Change Manager title does not necessarily = quality work. So if you're feeling like you're not yet "good enough" or "ready" to make the move to Manager level, be cautious of modelling mediocre mentors and get support to learn how to deliver truly great change so you can make the move with confidence.



The best Changies do whatever it takes

And finally, maybe one of the biggest fallacies, is that it's Change Analysts who do impact assessments, and write communications, and map and maintain stakeholder lists, and creating training guides, and do the admin for workshops and launches. 


Uh... hands up if you're a Change Manager and done all that for a project?

**Lata puts her hand up. As do many, many Change Managers.**



Yes, if there's a Change Analyst working on a project, they may do those tasks. But there are SO many projects and changes that don't have a Change Analyst, and guess who does all those tasks and more? The Change Manager. 


As a Change Manager myself and having worked with lots of seasoned Change Managers, the amazing ones often get their hands dirty in the pursuit of delivering great change. We've done our own impact assessments, and comms, and stakeholder management, and training guides, and admin. And everything else. Of course, I train my "Leading Successful Change" students to start to influence the business and project to do more of that delivery work, but Change is still a newish profession and there's many cases where you just have to get on and do the work for the success of the change. 



A step not a leap

The jump between Change Analyst and Change Manager is a step, not a leap. And apart from a pay gap, the real gap between the two roles is simply confidence.


Confidence in skills and experience.

Confidence in leadership.

Confidence in influence.

Confidence in career ownership.


Many Change Analysts hold themselves back from progressing, not the other way around. It's an energy thing... and that energy comes from confidence.



So in my view, some better attributes of Change Managers would be:

  • A Change Manager understands and has experience in the processes, tools and techniques of Change Management.
  • A Change Manager is confident to lead change end-to-end on her own.
  • A Change Manager brings incredible value to her project or team with practical, fit-for-purpose change leadership.


It's not about time, it's not about title, and it's not about the work you do. It's the confidence you have inside, the energy you convey to others and the success you bring to the lives of the leaders and teams you work with.  Everything else is just words on a page.


So what are you waiting for?


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All my belief, 


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