An expert's guide to nailing Change interviews

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If you are starting out in Change or moving roles in Change, what would you need to be thinking about when going for job interviews?

What would you want to be looking at?

What would you want to be considering?

And how can you best place yourself in the market to show up and shine in the best light possible for that career transition approach?


In other words, what are recruiters or hiring managers looking for when they are recruiting for Change roles? 


How I learnt to nail Change interviews

Before I moved to Change myself, I worked full-time in Marketing and had my own side hustle writing CVs and doing a bit of career coaching. Then, when I successfully transitioned across to a career in Change Management, people kept asking me for advice on how they could do the same thing. But I didn't really know what to tell them... I had simply built the confidence to make the leap and applied all my career coaching skills to myself!


Since, over my years in Change, I applied and interviewed for Change roles across a range of industries, and more importantly - did so successfully! I've never been out of a job in Change Management and gotten a pay rise every move I've made. So now I'm very much the expert in nailing Change interviews and can share my top tips on how to show up and shine.



Here's 4 top tips to nailing job interviews for Change:


1. Optimise your CV for Change Management so you actually land the interview

Take your transferable skills for Change Management and craft your CV to highlight these skills. If you don't know what the transferable skills for Change Management are, I share them in my "Intro to Change Management" webinar (as well as pay rates and career paths that might be possible in Change). When you join my Leading Successful Change program, you get my "Intro to Change Management" webinar as a bonus.


2. Understand how recruiters can help you

Recruiters can be your best friends in Change, because Change Management is usually project work and lots of Change roles are contract and fixed term (though permanent roles are on the rise). But if you've never worked with a recruiter before, it might seem scary or confusing. Finding out what recruiters do and how they can help you prepare for your interview is a great idea.


3. Practise behavioural questions, particularly for key transferable skills in Change

Change is all about people, so it's no surprise that behavioural questions that aim to find out how you think, work, and connect feature heavily in job interviews for Change roles. Freshen up on how to answer behavioural questions, and focus on the key transferable skills you'll need for Change with awesome stories and examples. Remember - prepare, prepare, prepare!


4. Build confidence with end-to-end Change Leadership so you can show up with the skills, knowledge, and attitude to actually shine in the interview

If you've got gaps in your Change knowledge and skills, you can totally still go for the interview. But you might find yourself holding back or even sabotaging your chances because you feel like those gaps are too big / too glaring / too obvious, and that you're not worthy of that role. And here's the crazy part: even if you never say it, your energy may convey it! That's why I recommend building deep congruent confidence alongside building Change skills (and my Leading Successful Change program is literally designed to do just that) so that inside and out you feel ready to shine ahead of your interview.



Tomorrow, I'll be opening up the invitation period of the last group cohort for 2022 of my Leading Successful Change program, which has helped many of my students move across into Change Management or step up in their Change career. 


I'll be sharing a special extra bonus that helps you do all the tips above, but it will only be available for students who join in the first 24 hours of the invitation period - so you'll need to be super quick. 


Keep your eye out tomorrow and come join Leading Successful Change (and if you haven't yet watched the 3 short videos of my free Change Tools Masterclass, be sure to do so ASAP - register here).


Lata xx

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