All My Belief: The story behind my email sign off

career career change change leadership change management coaching confidence success Aug 23, 2022
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One of the questions I didn’t have time to answer on my Live Workshop + Q&A was this:


“Your sign off, all my belief, what made you choose that?”

When I was in the final interview for my first Change role, I wasn’t sure I was actually ready to move to Change Management. 


I didn’t know what Change was. 


I had never done a Change role. 


I had no Change experience whatsoever. 


And I could tell my hiring manager would be making me an offer. 


So it scared the bejeezers out of me. 




It’s not imposter syndrome when you have actually NEVER done it before… 


It’s absolutely legitimate to be concerned at a complete lack of knowledge, skill or experience!




And because I never lie or misrepresent myself in job interviews, I thought I better be doubly sure.


So I asked her:


“Are you sure you want me for this job? I don’t have any experience in Change!”




And do you know what she said?


“You do.”




She explained that I’d been doing Change Management for ages in my Marketing career, even if I didn’t call it that or have the formal tools, templates, training or experience. 


She saw that I had so many transferable skills at my fingertips, and she should know - she had a Marketing background too!


She spent time in that second interview to convince ME that I was ready.


Usually in interviews the convincing is meant to go the other way around haha

But she believed in me, even if I still didn’t quite yet believe in myself. 

And she was right. 



When I got into Change, I realised I had indeed been doing Change (as many people have, not just those in Marketing).


Her belief in me transformed my career, leadership and life.




I tripled my salary in the space of 3 years to almost $200,000. 


I built a life of abundance, flexibility and freedom. 


And became a savvy, successful, in-demand Change expert. 


I am forever grateful to her for believing in me. 

It is a pleasure and a privilege to get to pay that belief forward to you.



I’m not just a Change expert, I’m a Coach and the belief I have in you and space I hold for you to reveal the diamond inside is why I use “All my belief” as my sign off for my emails and messages to my LSC students and Changie community. 

And when you see “All my belief”, you know I mean it. 


It’s not part of my automated signature. 


I type it EVERY time because I mean it every time.



And I know that sometimes, sadly, your current boss doesn’t believe in you.


Sometimes your family and friends don’t believe in you.


Sometimes even your own partner doesn’t believe in you. 

You’re allowed to find that belief in a new source, to choose yourself, back yourself, and invest in yourself to reach your potential and your future, rather than waiting for permission from anyone else.

That’s why I believe in you, even if you don’t quite yet believe in yourself.


Maybe, like me, all you need is some borrowed belief to start the journey to your new career, leadership and life.



If so, come and join the August Group Cohort for Leading Successful Change - we kick off the program tomorrow.


All my belief, 


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